Haeva – One

Haeva is a one-man post-rock/metal project by Wouter Petrens, hailing from Belgium. ‘One’ is the first album from Haeva, following on from the debut EP entitled, ‘Pyramids’.


‘One’ has been completely self-produced and features ten tracks (nine plus one bonus track) of ambient post-rock.

The sound on this album is quite dynamic, ranging from sparse, ambient passages to heavily distorted, powerful chords. Most post-rock bands build their sound through layers upon layers on heavily reverbed and effects-laden lines – Haeva goes for the reverse which works just as well; the listener is often treated to near-silent sections, save for jagged guitars and muffled rimshots before building into sludge territory distortion which creates a spine-tingling atmosphere.

In terms of production, this release is mixed well and while it lacks the extreme polish of some commercial releases, the drums are still snappy and the guitars have a nice crunch to them. Where Haeva really shines, in both production quality, as well as song writing, is the softer, ambient sections that lull you into a transcendent state – its super relaxing!

Fans of bands such as Isis will enjoy Haeva, however this release will appeal to all those of a ‘post’ persuasion. The album is free to download on bandcamp, however as always we suggest helping the artist out with a donation if you can. Good things are definitely in the cards for this band, and we can’t wait to see how they grow in their next release!

Words by James Crozier




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