Pensevor – Klothod

Pensevor are a four piece band from Farnborough in the UK. This hypnotic sludge-doom collective is comprised of Mark Jennings (Vocals), Patrick Hopkins (Guitars), Ky Hopkins (Bass) and Richard Fennings (Drums).

‘Klothod’ is the full-length follow up to Pensevor’s 2013 self-titled debut EP. This latest release was recorded and mixed by the band’s drummer, Richard and then given to Danny Page to perform the rite of mastering!


Pensevor, who are currently competing to win a coveted spot on the lineup at Bloodstock Festival this year, are absolute purveyors of melancholic drone-doom. The original EP was a very sparse affair in terms of instrumentation and while it’s nice to see that the band have added some more variety in to their songs, they still retain that brilliant atmosphere of complete doom-ridden hopelessness.

The production on this album is a bit of a double edged sword. At some points the lo-fi sound does help add to the atmosphere of each track; however I can’t help but wish that there was more weight to the low end to really bring out the crushing riffs that have been crafted by Patrick and Ky. Nevertheless, the actual songwriting on this album is great with the right mix of slow doom and drone sections that mean this album never gets too repetitive and that’s what really matters.12347849_800751700053454_8537583244237992630_n.jpg

My favourite track on this album has to be the aptly named, ‘I Despair’. It’s just shy of eight minutes long, making it one of the longer tracks on the release and it’s a fantastic slab of totally forlorn doom. This tune is like a gigantic, remorseful troll struggling to its feet, surrounded by those it has just killed.

‘Klothod’ is a masterclass in the kind of Doom only the British can produce. It’s foreboding and deeply morose. I very much look forward to the next release from this brilliant band!

‘Klothod’ is available on May 6th via Hibernacula Records


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