Longfallboots – You’ll Know It When It Happens

Hailing from Warwickshire in the UK, Longfallboots are a three piece fuzz rock/metal band comprising of Ben (Drums/Vocals/Synth), Alex (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) and Amy (Bass/Vocals). I first heard this band when playing a gig with them and was genuinely blown away by how heavy and imaginative their songs are.

Longfallboots’ take an average stoner rock band, rip their instruments and pedals out of their hands, turn the knobs up to 11 and throw everything else away. Their approach to songwriting is so refreshing, with a triple-pronged vocal onslaught and frenetic tonal changes. So many unsigned/indie label level bands in the UK scene at the moment (especially some of the big players) rely solely on ripping off bands related to Phil Anselmo; Longfallboots forge their own path, leaving a swathe of experimental fuzz in their wake.


The EP begins with the titular, ‘You’ll Know It When It Happens’. This song is the illegitimate lovechild of Baroness and Death From Above 1979. Perfectly on point vocal harmonies fight with spiteful sounding shouts over sumo-weight riffs. The guitar tones here are something to behold; they’re absolutely huge.

Second up is a fantastically hectic tune called, ‘(We’re Gonna Have To Deal With) Gary)’. Some of the more closed-minded stoner fans might baulk at this statement, but there’s something very Enter Shikari-esque about this song, especially the initial vocal lines.


Next up, is ‘Executive Function’. It’s the main single from this EP, and with good reason. This tune is fantastic and as ever, features a huge main riff that hulks along like a gigantic rhino. Tonally, Longfallboots are one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time.

‘Explosions’ is short but sweet and is a more punky affair with an awesomely fluid bassline with tons of slides that serves as a great contrast to the intro of the last song on the EP.


‘In My Favour’ is a great choice for a closing track. It’s a little more slowed down than the others, with a chilled out, clean intro that gives way to what I would call the epitome of Longfallboots’ sound: Riffs with weight and pounding drums laying a thick foundation for the melodic vocals fighting for position with angry shouts.

In closing, Longfallboots are truly unique and depressingly underrated in a scene that’s currently saturated with dull, trend-hopping bands. In a few years when, they move on to the next big thing, I can see the huge amount of work that Longfallboots are putting in paying off in a big way. If there’s one band that deserves your money at the moment it’s these guys. As always, you can grab the EP as well as loads of other releases at the band’s Bandcamp page. Don’t forget to like and follow the band on social media too!






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