Hundred Headless Horsemen – EP

a3259958381_16Hailing from Helsinki in Finland, Hundred Headless Horseman are a self-proclaimed ‘psychadelic death/sludge’ band, and after listening to their EP (released in the summer of last year), I have to agree.

The four piece, made up of Anssi Soininen (Drums), Antti Sundberg (Guitar), Miika Tams (Bass guitar / Backing vocals) and Valtteri Virolainen (Guitar / Vocals / Recording / Mixing) have collectively recorded the subconscious thoughts of some sort of huge Nordic beast, lumbering through a darkened forest, occasionally giving chase to its prey. This EP is a veritable slab of morose, melancholy sludge, interwoven with sporadic death metal passages that lay the foundation for HHH’s almost crazed brand of heavy psychedelia.


While all the tracks on this EP are great, the track that stands above the rest for me is ‘Draken’. It’s an unrelenting display of lo-fi, heavy psych greatness and in a strange way reminds me almost of Cathedral. Having said that, every track on this release is fantastic and worthy of any sludger’s playlist.

Hundred Headless Horseman EP is available as ‘name your price’ on the band’s Bandcamp page, but as always we’d encourage you to support the band and throw anything you can spare their way.


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