Starmonger – Revelation

Starmonger – Revelation

Starmonger are a new two-piece from Paris, France. Instrumental and vocal duties are split equally between the duo, comprised of Zdaive on bass/vocals and Urthur on guitars/drums. The band play a mix of stoner rock and heavily synthesised psych/space rock.

Revelation is the first release from Starmonger and is a two track demo; by the sounds of it, an excellent taste of things to come too!

Starting off strong with ‘Wanderer’, Starmonger show us their psych capabilities with a swirling tune bursting with spaced-out riffage. However, it’s in the second track, ‘Tell Me’, where the band really shines. While it’s much more a blues/stoner rock affair, the band still manage to retain their spacey sound, especially towards the end where a reverby solo washes over a Truckfighters-esque riff like a rocket ship hurtling through space.

While the main influence here in terms of riffs are your usual stoner rock crowd, there are hints of bands such as Baroness here. Every so often there’ll be an excellent vocal harmony or a burst of a different time signature. Hopefully the band will expand upon this on their next release to really cement their stand out sound.

As usual, Revelation is available on bandcamp as ‘name your price’, but if you can spare some cash, please do throw it their way.


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