Photo by Desert Storm / Mother Corona
Photo by Desert Storm / Mother Corona

Having seen Mother Corona and Desert Storm multiple times before, I knew to expect a good show. However, support acts for bluesy/desert/fuzz rock shows can sometimes be hit and miss – thrash metal bands that call themselves doom because of ‘that one slow song’ they have and so on. I’m really pleased to be able to say that this definitely wasn’t the case last Friday mainly due to the promoter Ash, also known as ‘Snuff Lane’, really knowing his stuff.

After arriving slightly late due to a date with some fast food, Mrs Stoner Sound and I made our way upstairs towards the cacophonous wall of heaviness that was Limb. It was somehow my first time seeing Limb, despite them being around for a while now, and I was thoroughly impressed. The four piece effortlessly bounce from pure fuzzed out stoner rock to almost grindcore – overall it was a great performance with some chest rattling riffs, pounding drums all while vocalist Rob intimidated the crowd – a full room I might add, which says a lot considering they were opening.

Next up was Thorun and it was clear from the start this would be a crushing set. After a great bit of banter with some crowd members, something that not many instrumental bands are capable of, the Welsh instrumental four piece launched straight into some amazingly tight riffage. This was another band I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of seeing live, but I definitely will be again. Thorun absolutely smashed it out of the park.

Following Thorun was Mother Corona, or should I say, ‘Mother Storm’ as drummer Dave introduced themselves as. Unfortunately bassist Rob wasn’t present and the Mother Corona chaps could have called it off, however help was at hand in the form of Desert Storm guitarist (and general nice chap), Ryan Cole. The set was understandably cut short, but Ryan is still an absolute legend for playing (and playing considerably well for a band he’s not actually in!). Mother Corona plays wonderfully effect drenched psychedelic rock and despite the aforementioned issues, it sounded great. I am always astounded by Dave’s ability to drum and sing at the same time. Here’s another band too that do crowd banter brilliantly – even if that does sometimes involve male nudity (but that’s another story for another night!)

Last and by no means least were the masters of the riff themselves, Desert Storm. Unfortunately it has come to the point in Desert Storm’s career that all bands must face – they have too many good songs to fit all in one set! Nonetheless, the lads dialled in a super heavy set chock full of headbang-inducing riffs. Usually I’ll describe a band’s vocals as ‘riding over the riffs like a haze of smoke’ or something to that effect. The great thing about Desert Storm is that it’s totally the opposite – don’t get me wrong, Desert Storm still play super low and heavy but vocalist Matt seems to draw his vocals from some subterranean deposit of pure low end.

All in all – the evening was absolutely stellar. Long may Snuff Lane continue to put on these brilliant events.