artworks-000124492203-gqiibb-t500x500Red Mountains are a psychedelic stoner rock band from Trondheim in Norway, made up Simen Mathiassen, Sverre Dalen, Jostein Wigenstad and Magnus Riise. The band was one of the first to be featured on The Stoner Sound and as predicted, their debut album, from which the single ‘Sun’ was taken, is an absolutely brilliant stoner rock trip.

It’s not often that a stoner rock band will come along and impress so much with their debut release. Usually bands will improve with time – that’s the beauty of stoner rock, most bands just get better and better and as a community it an ethos we encourage. Red Mountains seem to have bypassed all that and have burst out of the gates with an extremely well thought out release – not just a random assortment of vaguely similar riffs.

Sound wise, it’s unmistakably Scandinavian. We all know what that means by now so I won’t elaborate any further but let’s just say that if you’re into bands like Truckfighters, you’re going to like Red Mountains. There’s also some subtle Sabbath worship going on here which is never a bad thing!

Down with the Sun is one of the best releases this year, so go and support the band by grabbing a copy and make sure you like/follow on social media because this band deserve way more than seven hundred odd facebook likes!

I have no doubt that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this band soon.


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