a1303602354_10Hailing from Cardiff in Wales, The Dharma Violets describe themselves as a psych/indie/rock band comprising of Nathan Hazell (Vocals, Guitars), Alun Jones (Guitars, Noisemaking), Stu Laws (Bass), John Holland (Keys, Synths, Piano), and Tobias O’Reilly (Drums). ‘Random Transmissions’ is the latest effort from this psychedelic five-piece, released on the 3rd August 2015.

Random Transmissions evokes a real spaced out, groovy vibe while still managing to remain tight musically. The band manages to stay focused and they don’t shoot off into a huge swirling jam that similar bands are prone to do – something that can grate after a while.

Influence wise, there’s definitely a strong tie to a lot of Britpop bands, but at the same time, The Dharma Violets have brought their own style into this release. It’s also great to hear some extra instrumentation that you don’t normally find on these records, such as trumpets.

There’s also a great sense of dynamics in the song writing, transitioning effortlessly from quiet and reserved arpeggios to aggressive chords and mellow, sweeping solos/interludes.

This is a great release to chill out to, and definitely one to stick on in the car driving through the countryside. Check out ‘Random Transmissions’ now if you’re in the market for some chilled psych rock!