a1528994093_16Lords of Bastard are a heavy psychedelic rock four piece from Edinburgh, Scotland. They’ve released their latest EP, ‘I’m Fun’, on Bang Mountain Records.

‘I’m Fun’ is Lords of Bastard’s third proper release after their first two albums, one self-titled and the brilliantly named, ‘Cuddles’. While the band themselves give nothing away as to their influences (their only one apparently being Kevin Costner) this latest EP feels like a ferocious mix of Death From Above 1979, Mastodon and Isis.

There’s something more to it than that though – Lords of Bastard transcend the sound of those bands to create something much more endearingly wacky yet great to listen to.

For me the best track on this release is ‘Enter The Woo-Tang’. It’s here that Lords of Bastard display their brilliant ‘melting pot’ sound, beginning with a smooth yet sludgy set of riffs that eventually make way for a nicely unconventional experimental jam before the band slow it down with an unsettling yet soothing jazz interlude. ‘Enter the Woo Tang’ continues to ebb and flow in this fashion until the band brings the song to a hectic crescendo.

Essentially, if you’re into anything experimental then you need to grab this EP. It’s currently available on the band’s bandcamp page for four quid if you want a download or fourteen for a limited edition 10” vinyl.





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