11116531_10153907371514152_3584933702450664666_n‘Don’t you know your life is fucked?’ is the closing sentiment of this run of technical jugga-jugga-jugga proggy riffing from the Sheffield scene stalwarts. The three songs on Decree of Disdain seem to be a tight, well-considered mission statement, each one being an obstacle course of sixteenth-note angular riffing, snare hits and throaty rage. Think Meshuggah, built around bigger grooves. It’s relentless, and beautiful; ‘Titan’ is a particular standout, with a riff that kicks in about 1:55 that I immediately wanted to learn to play.

It’s worth hunting around for their other songs online to find their experimental side, which bend and twist around different moods and play with the relationships between the instruments a bit more – for example ‘Life Breeds Decay,’ which successfully explores quietness in metal.

That said, Decree of Disdain is not about experiments, it’s about results, and about grabbing you by the neck and telling you to die naked and weeping in the woods if you don’t sort your shit out.

– Review by Ben Taylor of Telepath

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a3657854028_16Medicaution is the latest release from Finnish three piece stoner/sludge band, Septic Apes.

The first thing to note is that the band have definitely stepped up the recording quality on this release with a much more professional sound compared to their previous effort, Slaughterhouse Tapes II, which was great in itself.

As far as the music goes – there’s some excellent riffage across both the tracks on Medicaution, evoking a very Fu Manchu-esque tone. Live through the Storms does take the heaviness up a notch however, showing the depth of Septic Apes’ talent for creating a wall of sludge-drenched sound. Both these songs would be great to see live.

Unfortunately, this release only clocks at just under nine minutes which is a huge shame as it would have been great to see a full release by these guys as they’re sounding so tight and heavy right now.

You can grab Medicaution (as well as the band’s other two releases) on their bandcamp. All their EP’s are ‘name your price’, but if you have the cash to spare then make sure you support this great band. Make sure you do your duty as always and like/follow the guys on all the usual social media sites; links are below.


a0697146308_16I have to confess, I’d not really acknowledged the term ‘blackened doom’ before – bands that the internet tells me are blackened doom don’t really seem to share many traits (musically at least) with black metal, so I’d always assumed they were just doom.

Beldam is a different story. This Charlottesville, VA based band manage to effectively combine the monolithic rumblings of doom/sludge with the lo-fi production typically found on early black metal releases, and they do it well.

Each of the five tracks on this demo hits you right in the chest with a sludgey, spiked fist at an absolutely decimated pace.

Anybody with the mantra ‘low and slow’ will take pleasure in listening to this slice of black doom so make sure you get over to the band’s bandcamp page and check it out. It’s $6, which roughly equates to about four quid. Make sure you go and like/follow at the usual places too – links below as always!


Started in January 2015,   Solid 7 Records is a DIY cassette label based in Bridgend, South Wales.  They release limited edition cassettes from local and international artists and have released the first in a series of compilation tapes; Volume 1 features UK stoner rock bands. They welcome submissions from bands for future comps/releases.

a1154222013_16The Solid 7 Volume 1 is a compilation album featuring some great UK based bands, and clocking in at a length of over 70 minutes, it’s a bargain of a release. As the band’s tracks are randomised, writing a track by track review would probably get messy, so instead here’s a quick summary of each band on the comp.

First up we have Jukebox Monkey, a Gravesend based stoner rock outfit. Both the tracks on the compilation feature some great crunchy riffs underpinned by a very powerful low end. The vocals soar over the top nicely here and offset the heaviness nicely.

Next up is Lacertilia, who have a real Fu Manchu vibe about their music – no bad thing at all. This is a band to drive to; their riffs are full of bluesy swagger and there’s some great dynamics in terms of loud and quiet sections.

Vimana, the next band on the compilation will appeal to fans of bands such as QOTSA, Turbowolf and Death From Above 1979 in that they’ve got quite a textured and unconventional sound. Both of their tracks on this release have a nice groove to them, yet are at the same time chunky and heavy.

A band I’ve recently mentioned on Twitter, Sump, are also on this compilation. Firstly, it’s great to see a female fronted band in our little genre (something that should be much more frequently seen, in my opinion). Still, they don’t use it as a gimmick, because the music speaks for itself. Both tracks are drenched in great guitar harmonies and have a really nice tone, where the guitars aren’t too distorted, letting the bass thump through nicely.

The Cortége are a bit of a leftfield choice for this album, but they work nicely here. The best way I can describe them is if a band like Incubus decided to make some stoner rock. There’s some great experimentation here but it’s not all-dominating and aside from some very decent riffage, we also have some quiet, clean section which helps break up the songs nicely.

Suns of Thunder are the penultimate band on this great compilation, hailing from Swansea in Wales. This band features some stellar song writing – they know their way around a riff. There’s a real Orange Goblin vibe coming from Suns of Thunder with some extra welsh swagger for good measure (if that’s a thing…).

Last but definitely not least are the mighty Resurrection Men. The lads from Coventry have some excellently gurn-worthy riffs (in a good way of course) and on their longer track, Tears of Wizards, there’s an almost Maiden-like harmonised section that works really well and would be great to see live.

Basically, make sure you grab this album while you can. There’s a limited run of fifty tapes for a fiver each if you’re into that, or if you’re a filthy millennial like me you can stream/download it for free while the tapes are on sale. Just to reiterate – get it now or never.

You can grab the compilation below – all social links to individual bands are on the release page too.