artworks-000111918235-1pch68-t500x500Red Mountains are a stoner/desert rock band from Trondheim, Norway, and while their debut album isn’t out until September, they’ve uploaded the brilliant single ‘Sun’ as a taste of things to come.

‘Sun’ opens with an absolute stonker of a riff, laden with Sabbath-esque doom. Over the top, we’re treated to some great harmonised vocals while the steady simplistic beat behind creates a rock solid foundation.

After a while the band kicks it into overdrive with a faster paced section that still retains the great sense of melody Red Mountains has going on.

Eventually they transition back into another doomier riff that evokes an almost wild west vibe with an epically atmospheric guitar solo.

We can’t wait for the full album to drop – Soundcloud has never seen so many clicks of the repeat button!

Go grab the single from Soundcloud below and support the band at the usual social media outlets so you know when this beast of an album will drop.



a2628311090_16Emerging from the rubble and crack pits of the North’s Steel City (Sheffield), Kurokuma don’t have much in the way of recordings for those unable to see them live – but the thirteen minutes of music we can listen to is tight, weird and alarmingly evil. Instrumentally, the music is a crisply-produced concoction of monolithic grooves, proggy dissonance and tasteful phasering, with the vocals switching effortlessly between shrieks and roars.

What sets Kurokuma apart from other bands in similar territory is their ability to throw in some refreshing experimental curveballs. ‘8.2 Tons’ has some neat little off-key accents in the verses, and Ursus Thibetanus busts out a Latin-themed breakdown, which spins out into a menacing psychedelic jam. It’s these considered touches that level-up the music and create something unique.

The band have already toured with legends Conan and Skeletonwitch, and based on their output so far, their first full-length release will be a true heavy bastard of an album.

Head over to their Bandcamp to hear their demo and make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Review by Ben Taylor (Telepath)


a1101344459_16Its five thousand years in the future. Humans from far flung colonies return to an Earth devastated by nuclear war, after thousands of years, to find lost relics of their ancient relatives.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, they manage to piece together music from the genre once known as sludge metal using snippets from half preserved recordings.

That is the only way I can attempt to describe Sonus Gravis, the latest offering from Bristol based one man project, Telepath.

It really is like a robot’s interpretation of sludge. Don’t misinterpret that as an insult – this album is truly amazing.

Every song on this release is an onslaught of amazing riffs, melded with a great sense of progressiveness – and not just prog for prog’s sake – these songs have well and truly been ‘written’. That’s a testament to the musicianship of Telepath which shines through prominently in this release and proves that you can make something amazing out of just lo-fi synths.

Sure, some people won’t dig this as it’s fairly leftfield but if you’re into your experimental stuff too, or even just post-metal/post-rock then make sure you download this masterpiece.

You can download the album on bandcamp – its name your price, but I strongly suggest showing your support for such a great band and a great guy.