a2123789844_2Allfather play a punishing mix of sludge and hardcore. Their debut EP, ‘No Gods. No Masters’ is an uncompromising demonstration of exactly that. Listening to the EP feels like the Kent based lads have recorded the sonic embodiment of a sledgehammer to the chest.

No Gods. No Masters starts off with a great bassline leading into a cascade of unrelenting sludge riffs, with vocalist Tom’s brutally raw shouts rounding off the sound – this continues throughout the EP – certainly no bad thing.

Fans of both hardcore and the sludge/stoner/doom scene will both find something they like in this EP. If you’re into bands like Raging Speedhorn and the like, make sure you sink your teeth into this.

Allfather have only been going since 2014, and with a sound as good as this, they’re going to go far.

Go and grab ‘No Gods. No Masters.’ now, its name your price so you have no excuse – but if you have the money, give them a couple of quid and show your support.

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a0983545405_2Don’t be fooled by the ‘let’s just chuck every stoner word together’ name (an apt commentary on the overuse of some particular words in our little genre) – Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard are anything but generic stoner/sludge/doom; they’re heavy and psychedelic in the best way possible, which they demonstrate on their monolithic thirty minute crusher of a song: Nachthexen.

A lot of psychedelic/space rock bands sacrifice the heaviness in their sound in order to accommodate synths and strange sounds. However, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard manage to retain the crushing riffs and groove of typical sludge bands all while filling their sound out with their unique flavour of psychedelic head-fuckery.

When all’s said and done, Nachthexen is a monster of a tune with riffs galore and while there is an almost ritualistic chant-like repetition of all the composite riffs (helped by the relatively sparse yet awesome drumming), it never gets boring. MWWB seem to know exactly when to add a lead or change up the riffs.

In short: just buy it!

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threethrones_getoutclaws_imgThree Thrones are a Progressive Sludge / Doom band from Colchester in the UK. ‘Get Out Claws’ is their latest single, following on from the band’s monolithic contribution to the ‘Wett’ split with fellow British sludgers, William English.

‘Get Out Claws’ is just over six minutes of pure instrumental rage. A lot of instrumental bands tend to be quite fluffy, with long introspective intros – not so here, as the Three Thrones lads practically jump straight into the action with menacingly crushing riffs.

The song then takes an almost Mastodon-esque turn, before the tempo is slowed down once more to introduce another monstrous section. Head banging at this point is unavoidable and the listener is treated to an onslaught of progressive, ear-pulverising goodness.

All in all, ‘Get Out Claws’ is a great release from an extremely promising UK act who have already established themselves in the scene. Three Thrones are definitely a band to watch out for in the future and we can’t wait to hear a full album.

You can download all the band’s material on their bandcamp page and the first EP is name your price – so no excuse. Go show them some love on social media (links below) and make sure you catch these guys at a gig.

Welcome to the Stoner Sound!

So you like stoner rock, sludge or doom metal? Well, you’re in the right place.

While we’ve just started, this blog will eventually be a great place to find awesome new releases from great bands. While other blogs and publications that focus on our niche genre have been seduced by big metal labels – we’re trying to stick exclusively to the aforementioned genres. We won’t be reviewing any death or black metal soon – a quick google search will find sites that do!

While we’re in our infancy, subissions from all bands are extremely welcome – all we ask is that your music easy accessible (Bandcamp is great, Spotify is even better) and that you have at least one promo shot or high quality album cover that we can use as a cover image for your post. Please send any relevant stuff to

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